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Amazon Cash

Amazon Cash: The Definitive Guide

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Here’s What We’ve Covered:

  1. What Is Amazon Cash?
  2. How Does Amazon Cash Work?
  3. Can Amazon Cash Be Used On Amazon?
  4. How Do I Get The Amazon Cash App?
  5. What Stores Sell Amazon Cash?
  6. Does Amazon Cash Have A Website?
  7. Some Things You Should Know About Amazon Cash?
  8. Can I Buy Amazon Cash With A Credit Card?


More and more companies are starting to offer consumers with alternative ways to to make transaction on their platform. Amazon is one such company that has adopted the “reload” method as a way to purchase products listed on their platform. In this article we teach consumers everything they need to know about the retail giant’s “Amazon Cash” with all of the pros and cons. This is the definitive guide to Amazon Cash.

What Is Amazon Cash?

whats amazon cash

Amazon Cash is a way for consumers to add money to their Amazon account without the use of a credit/debit card. The consumer can then purchase items listed on Amazon as they normally would. Amazon Cash works similarly like PayPal Cash barcode system. Instead of money being funded to a PayPal account it’s funded on Amazon. The “reload by barcode” method has become popular among many large companies. Now that we know what Amazon Cash is, lets figure out how it actually works.

How Does Amazon Cash Work?

How Amazon Cash Works

If you are someone that does like adding their credit/debit or bank account information to websites well Amazon offers you an alternative. Amazon Cash allows consumers to turn their cash into Amazon Balance credits, that can be used to purchase products on Amazon.

Here’s How Amazon Cash Work

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Website: Visit Amazon Cash website
  2. Barcode or Phone: Click on the “Get Your Barcode” or “Confirm Your Phone Number”. Confirming your phone number is an easier way to go however, if your phone is currently off or you are low on battery life you may want to choose the barcode method.
  3. Visit Retailer: Visit your local CVS, 7-Eleven or Game Stop retail store ( There are other local stores that support Amazon Cash. These are the featured stores listed on Amazon Cash website.)
  4. Proof of Identity: Either give the cashier your printed Amazon Cash barcode or inform them you would like to add cash using Amazon Cash and give them your phone number.
  5. Load: Tell the cashier how much you would like to load between $5-$500. Amazon claims not to have any fees associated with Amazon Cash. We have not verified this information just yet.
  6. Cash Loaded!: That’s it. You are done and your cash should be displayed in your Amazon balance once the cashier hand you the receipt.

Can Amazon Cash Be Used On Amazon?

Yes, Amazon Cash can only be used on Amazon and on no other platform. The retail giant created this payment method for individuals who either do not like using or have a credit/debit card. Amazon Cash allow these individuals to still make purchases on Amazon by using their cash.

How Do I Get The Amazon Cash App?

Currently there is no Amazon Cash app. If you are referring to using the Cash App by Square Cash for Amazon that is a different discussion. Unfortunately this article just focuses primarily on Amazon Cash reload pack.

What Stores Sell Amazon Cash?

Amazon Cash Participating Stores

The three featured stores shown on Amazon Cash website is CVS, 7-Eleven and Game Stop. However, there are hundreds if not thousands of participating retailers. A large percentage of the participating stores are wireless carrier companies. So consumers may just be able to Google search “wireless stores near me” and it’s likely that many of the retailers participates in Amazon Cash. Below we list a few retail stores where consumers can get Amazon Cash. Keep in mind these are sample locations there are thousands more.

Participating Stores That Sell Amazon Cash

  1. Payomatic
  2. Sheetz
  3. Speedway
  4. Kum & Go
  5. D & W Fresh Market
  6. Family Fare Supermarkets
  7. VG’s Grocery
  8. Shorty Wireless Inc.
  9. Mobile Hub Plus LLC
  10. Trisha Wireless
  11. Star Point Wireless
  12. K Wireless
  13. ENK Wireless
  14. Multiservices
  15. Video Land
  16. Lupitas Mini Market

Does Amazon Cash Have A Website?

As with most of Amazon new products and services (prime now, kindle unlimited, etc) the website is connected to the domain name. Here is the direct link to to Amazon Cash. You can also just Google search “Amazon Cash” and you will see a result that look something like this:

Amazon Cash Search Result

Some Things You Should Know About Amazon Cash

Amazon Cash

  • Amazon Cash is one of the few reload packs where you can actually use your credit card to purchase it.
  • Not All locations allow consumers to use both barcode and phone Number method. For example 7-Eleven & CVS locations only allows consumers to use the barcode method. Its still a simple process however, the phone number method is a lot simpler.
  • There’s no way to actually reverse the transaction once you purchase an Amazon Cash. With other reload packs you can request a refund and get a check in the mail within 2 weeks. Amazon Cash is non-refundable.
  • Amazon Cash is also unique in that it offers a lower minimum to be loaded than other reload packs. Most reload packs require a minimum deposit of $10. With Amazon Cash the minimum is $5.
  • The majority of the participating locations are wireless companies.

Can I Buy Amazon Cash With A Credit Card?

Yes, you can. Amazon is one of the few reload packs/digital cards that allow you to purchase Amazon Cash with a debit or credit card in stores. This is remarkable because with reload packs such as MoneyPak, Reloadit and PayPal Cash this simply isn’t possible. Its important to mention that although you can purchase Amazon Cash with a credit card its only in-stores and not online.