Amazon Payment Plan

Amazon Payment Plan, Pay As You Go

Amazon Payment Plan is the best thing to happen since sliced bread! Amazon payment plan covers items such as electronics, furniture and so much more! Since its humble beginnings in 1994, Amazon has grown from founder Jeff Bezos’ garage to a renowned American company, generating billions of dollars annually. Quickly becoming one of the world’s biggest and most renowned online marketplaces, Amazon is the smartest, easiest and most efficient way to get your shopping done this holiday season.

Amazon’s success stems from excellent customer service, competitive pricing, fast and cheap delivery, a generous, hassle-free return policy and, as of recently, a highly regarded music and video streaming service, offering customers more bang for their buck in regards to yearly Prime memberships.

Amazon has expanded worldwide, offering customer’s accessibility to many items with convenient shipping times and a variety of products, right at their fingertips. With many sales throughout the year, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day and their very own “Prime Day” (a day of amazing offers for prime members), Amazon has become the world’s #1 website for buying absolutely everything.

Did You Know Know Amazon Offer Monthly Payments Without Credit Check?

Amazon Payment Plan

Yes! Now, customers in the USA are offered additional comfort when it comes to payments on Amazon. Amazon offers a five-month, interest free plan with no credit check required!

An offer this good obviously has a few exceptions, the details of which can be found on their website. In short, this offer only applies to certain products that are shipped and fulfilled by New and certified refurbished Amazon devices, such as Fire Tablets, Kindle E-Readers and any Alexa devices, such as the Echo and Echo Dot, are included in the deal but only applied to one qualifying product per category. So, you cannot buy multiple items on the five-month interest free plan within the same category at one time.

There are also a few prerequisites to be eligible for this promotion. First, you must reside within the US, as this offer only currently applies to citizens within the United States. Additionally, your Amazon account must have been active for a minimum of one year, to establish a good payment history on the site. This is to ensure lower risk on the company’s end in exchange for a more convenient way to pay on the consumer’s end.

You must also have a valid, legitimate credit card on your account. Although Amazon promises not to use your credit report as a way to establish if you are eligible for this deal, they do state that your purchase history will be taken into consideration, along with the price of the product you wish to buy. Essentially, if the product differs heavily from your usual purchases and price point, it may be not be eligible for the five-month payment plan.

How Does Amazon Payment Plan Work?

Amazon Payment Plan

So, how does it work? It is a fairly simple system to navigate. When shopping on, certain items sold and fulfilled by Amazon will have a “Monthly Payments” purchasing option. When selected, the price will be divided into five even payments, which will be charged to your credit card each month. Your first payment will be upon placing the order. If your item cannot be

divided into five even installments, Amazon will charge the smaller, remaining amount on the last month. There will be absolutely no interest fees or finance charges made to your account from Amazon. However, your credit card provider may still charge you any fees that are subsequent to your credit card agreement. Taxes on items and any shipping fees will also be applied on your first initial payment, upon placing your order.

As previously stated, the first installment will be made upon ordering, and will be charged on the day the shipment leaves the facility. Online, this is called the “initial payment,” and is then followed by the “first payment,” which is made thirty days after the shipment date. The “second payment” is charged sixty days after shipping, the “third payment” is on the ninetieth day after shipping and then, finally, the last payment is made one hundred twenty days after the shipment date.

Each charge will be made automatically by, on the card you initially authorized upon ordering. This is called your “preferred payment method.” If, for whatever reason, your preferred payment method is declined, another card on file will be charged instead. You account must contain at least one legitimate credit card that is valid and has an expiry date that exceeds your last payment date by a minimum of twenty days. If no other card is valid or accepted, Amazon has the right to deactivate your account and deregister your Alexa devices, rendering them useless.

Amazon allows their customers to prepay the full existing balance whenever they please but prohibits prepaying a smaller portion of the remaining balance. The payment must be repaid in full at one time or the customer must simply allow Amazon to charge their credit card for up to five months.

With this new repayment method, Amazon continues to impress their US customers with their efficient and convenient services, allowing you to have and enjoy the newest, most innovative technology the site has to offer without breaking the bank. With five east installments and absolutely no hidden fees, interest charges or credit checks, Amazon has, once again, proven to be the world’s leading online marketplace.