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Are We A Scam?  (Updated 2018)

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If you didn’t know reload pack scams (Moneypak, Netspend Reload Pack, Paypal Reload Pack, Reloadit, Vanilla Reload Pack, Green Dot Cash Reload etc.) are very common. There are several versions of this scam that scammers use. As a rule of thumb NEVER GIVE ANYONE YOUR VALIDATION CODES, PAY WITH A RELOAD PACK DIRECTLY! or send a WESTERN UNION PAYMENTS UNLESS YOU TRUST THEM. So what about us? Are We a scam? How do you know? Well for starters we are not requesting that you provide us a reload pack as a payment method, in fact we are providing you with the reload pack so if there’s anyone that should be concerned about being scammed, it’s us. Users can easily dispute their transaction with our company (which is why we often have to limit the amount of members we accept to keep a certain atmosphere of ethics).

A List of Things To Look For In A Scam Website

These are a list of things we look for to protect users when dealing with online scams many which we write about to inform you.

  1. Look at a website domain extension. Scammers use all types of domain extensions but favors .xyz and .us extensions. So if you come across a website using something like or you should be careful.
  2. Find out when the domain name was registered. This will give you an idea how long a website has really been around. Scam websites are becoming harder to detect because they are professionally designed now. Search the websites domain name using Icann Whois tool to establish their registry history.
  3. Any website requiring personal information from you should be using a https:// protocol on that page with a lock symbol next to it. This is to keep your information secured.
  4. If any website is asking you to put in your validation codes to check your balance, run the other way. Moneypak, Reloadit, Netspend & PayPal are the only websites that can check your balance. These are phishing websites disguised to lure you into providing those codes to steal the money from your card.

Here are a few other reasons you can trust us

  1. We are registered with the state government of New York
  2. Our Certified D.B.A is posted openly on our site for transparency.
  3.  We have all of our information openly displayed to our users
  4.  We have past transaction history with very little to no complaints
  5. There are little to no complaints against us
  6. We are also verified on Google Plus & Facebook
  7. You can actually contact people on Facebook who have won Free Moneypak Cards online with us. All it takes is finding out who won and asking if they really received it and the process involved.

Here are transaction screenshots of our previous customers: (2 separate emails were used in our old system). Instead of putting quotations around the customers word to display testimonials we wanted to show you the actual email with the customer’s consent to prove our testimonials are not fake or made up.



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