BBB Warns: Watch Out For Scammers Claiming To Be IRS

Again, con artists are pretending to represent the Internal Revenue Service in an attempt to shake down more northern Indiana residents.

The BBB Serving Northern Indiana reports that it is receiving numerous calls from consumers concerned about harassing calls supposedly coming from the IRS. Callers are telling them that they are being audited, and, if they don’t call a special number, they will be arrested.

Advice from the BBB is simple: Don’t fall for it. Do not send cash, make a wire transfer, buy iTunes or MoneyPak cards for them. Do not give out your Social Security number, bank account or bank routing number. The caller ID could show what looks to be a legitimate number. That’s spoofing. Hang up.

The IRS does not make such threatening calls. Contact the IRS if you are receiving these calls and are concerned. They can be reached at 800-829-1040.