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We are in no way affiliated with the actual Reloadit card product/services or Black Hawk trademark. We are a separate service completely. We are providing basic information for our services (Reload Packs) and general information about the Reloadit card.

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Reload It Card services on allows you to reload your debit card online. As with many other services we provide, you can purchase a Reload it card completely online and receive the validation code directly to your account.

Reloadit Pack Balance

Currently, there is no other way to check your reload it card balance other than the official reload it website. If another website states that they can check your reload it card balance for you, they are most likely scam sites.

Reloadit pack Verification

Please be advise that in order to use our reload it card services that you must pass the verification process. If other websites  request that you input your reload it login information into their site for verification it is most likely a scam. You can only use to reload your card. No one can also log into your account unless they have your Facebook login information, so you are protected on this site. Please just be aware of the many scam sites out there.

Reloadit Pack Store Locator

If you prefer not to buy your card online you can purchase a reload it card in person at a participating store by checking our reload it store locator, or store locator


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