We allow certain visitors on a case by case basis to create an account without Facebook. These individuals will have to provide video proof of identity.

It’s common not to receive a Google Wallet payment request right away. You should expect a payment request within 30 minutes to an hour. If you still haven’t received a payment request then it’s likely your order/account has been flagged for suspicious activity.

Yes. We often keep an inventory of preloaded Reload Packs of $50 and $100. These instant reload packs are usually announced. Once payment has been accepted you receive your validation codes within minutes.

We do not accept check payments at this time. However, with our “Cash On Delivery” service we can accept check payments.

When you get a “Registrations Disabled” message, it’s more than likely intentional. We have to stop registrations at times to meet the needs of our current customer’s order requests or handle backend improvements.

Currently, we do not support load amounts under $25 for any of our reload packs service,

There is a review process when we receive an order request. We look at multiple things to ensure the order wasn’t fraudulently made. If there is any suspicion with your account/order, then the order will not process and remain on hold. This is a security measure.

Once payment has been received, a notification will be sent to your account & email. It takes approximately 1-5 hours to receive your reload pack validation code.

Reload Packs has integrated the easiest account creation process available. Simply log into your Facebook account. Visit “ReloadPacks.com” and navigate to the “My Account/Signup” tab on the menu. Click “Login With Facebook” and that’s it! You’ve created an account with us.

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