Free PayPal Money Generator? What’s The Real Story?

Free PayPal Money Generator 2019

What’s the real story behind the PayPal Money Generator craze? Is it real or fake?  This is exactly what we walk you through. There has been a lot of recent searches for a “PayPal Money Generator” or PayPal money adder. Like many of the other articles we have written, Reload Packs is here to demystify any confusions. One of the reasons we do this is to help fight against scammers that are trying to scam users out of their money and/or get personal information from them. These scammers are constantly coming up with ways to get innocent people to part with their money or to download a virus file onto their computer to steal their information. Check out our articles on Free Netspend Reload Packs & Vanilla Reload Pin Generator.

Does A Free PayPal Money Generator Exist?


Yes and no. The whole concept that’s being popularized and that have many people searching is that there is this generator that exist which will provide you with free PayPal money into your account. This form of a “PayPal Money Adder” does not exist. However we also said it does exist. Yes, “PayPal Money Adder” exist in the fact that its the name of a scam. We are going to expose some of the sites you may find on Google that claims to give you this free PayPal money.

Free PayPal Money Generator Websites 2020 (Updated)


💡Tip: Hold “CTRL” and click “F” and enter the website to read the review.

We are going to expose some of the sites that claim to have this PayPal Money Adder generator. Always remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Some of the websites require that you fill out a survey to get access to this generator. That survey is an affiliate survey from another website that pays this person for every sign up they receive. Other websites will encourage you to click on different offers in hope that you will buy a product or service on purpose or by using trickery methods. Again, the person who was able to make you buy something and they get paid from that. Many of these tricks are known to seasoned internet users, however for people who are not as experienced with different tricks on the internet, they may fall for it. Below is a PayPal hack 2018 example:

Here is a photo from that is totally false. (Update: This website has sense vanished since we’ved posted this article.)

PayPal Money Adder

Images like this can easily be manipulated to say anything. Here is an example of another fake, one that we just created.

Free PayPal Money Generator

We just gave ourselves 1 million dollars. Not bad for 10 minutes of work. No one gives away free money, especially in the amount of $500. We are going to walk through each website and share our experience and notify users of any potential dangers of visiting the website.


We’ve landed on this website and haven’t noticed anything fishy just yet. The site does not ask for any personal information or require you to take a survey or has any  functionality that would cause a virus. Here’s where things start to get interesting. In the first paragraph the site states that you can earn “unlimited money”. If this was true PayPal would be bankrupt in a matter of days. They claim that the user is suppose to click the “Add Money Now” link on their website however, as of right now they do not have any active links on their website. This website is safe to visit but do not trust anything what they are saying. If you notice any links on this page please contact us at [email protected] so we can go through the process and let you know if it’s safe (which it will likely not be).


This website titled ” My Money Making Blog” already had us suspicious because of the use of .xyz domain name which is commonly used by scammers (as well as .us domain names). After we’ve landed on the site and they do a pretty good job at convincing visitors they are not a scam and that the Free PayPal Money Generator really works, in fact they even have “proof” similar to what we explained above how easy it is to produce these types of images.

Free PayPal Money Generator


The visitor is then suppose to click on an image that looks like this :

Free PayPal Money Generator

Once you click on this image you are then redirected to a url that looks like this “”. This is actually pretend web app, meaning it goes through an automated process and has pop ups to convince you it is working through PayPal system and connecting to their servers. Another big red flag is that the main domain name is not being indexed by Google search engines. If this PayPal money generator web app was legitimate the person who created it would want everyone to know. It’s also not https:// secured, and when your dealing with any website where you are entering any personal information you want to make sure that site has a green https:// before their domain name.

After waiting 50 seconds for the timer, this website wants you to enter your email, the platform you are using and the amount of FREE money that you want to transfer to your PayPal account. After clicking enter this is where the fake processing screens pop up so you believe you are really connecting with PayPal. They look like the following screenshots below: ([email protected] is a made up email)

Free PayPal Money Adder
After clicking “Generate” this is the screen that followed.
PayPal Hack 2018
You are then prompted to click the red “Continue” button.
Free PayPal Money Generator
This fake image showing users that it’s “processing” the connection to PayPal displays for the user benefit to create a sense of trust.
Free PayPal Money Generator
We then ran into a Human Verification Required pop up which requires you to verify that you are human. We clicked Verification #1
Free PayPal Money Generator
We’ve tested both Verification process. The first Verification leads you to a website with 1 page index by Google and requires you to login. That website is clearly a landing page to front scams.
Free PayPal Money Adder
The second Verification link leads you to a fake “Verify Through Survey” captcha link.
PayPal Hack
After clicking on the “Verify Through Survey” link Im redirected to yet another website that isn’t indexed by Google Search
Free PayPal Money Generator Scam
After clicking through both Verifications you will come across a survey that looks like this.

“There Is A Saying That Data Is The New Gold”


After clicking either verification links you will ultimately come across a survey like this from the website There is a saying that “Data Is The New Gold”. If you look at the bottom of you will see next to their Terms & Conditions that by opting into a survey you give consent with the sharing of any personal information you provide even if being tricked into it. You can receive money from them but you have to complete many surveys to gain any meaningful amount and many surveys requires a purchase, so you are not really gaining anything. We gave a try even after they’ve stated on their website:

“There are so many individuals who haven’t tried it, that have said that this app does not work and it is a scam. “

Well we’ve tried it, and it proves to be a scam. So much for a Free PayPal Money Generator. The Verdict: SCAM appears to be a professionally designed deceiving website. Of course this is all speculations because we feel strongly that there is no such thing as a PayPal Money Generator. As stated many times before they also provide “proof” that it works but as you already know, we can easily manipulate these types of images.

Paypal Money Generator

The thing that does trouble us is that they actually have a link in which is a pretty solid website. However, the website is based on opinions and answers from the community so the answers never really come from authority sources, just individuals promoting their websites or YouTube videos. This website also uses a very convincing video to prove that you really do get the money. The video below supposedly shows how this PayPal Money Generator works.

There is also another video on there website using a mobile version of their generator to get free money. So we are going to go through the steps and actually complete a survey and share the experience with you. So first is not indexed by Google which is the first negative sign. It’s a one page website with most of its buttons pointing to the video we’ve posted above. At the bottom of the page is a download button, which im guessing is the software. Here is where you should be very cautious. We do not know if this download is carrying a virus or not. Luckily we are using a Google Chrome Book which prevents most viruses considering everything is on the cloud.

Testing PayPal Money Generator

PayPal Money Generator

Lucky for us the download button just sends us to another part of website where we have to actually start the process. We’ve clicked on the $1050 as the “free” amount of money we would like to receive. A pop up window appears  requesting me to enter an email.

PayPal Money Generator

A verification form similar to pops up.

PayPal Money Generator


We click on “Verification #1” and the exact “Verify Through Survey” fake captcha that we’ve seen on website shows up. After clicking on the website url changes to

PayPal Money Generator

Completing The Survey


This time we are not going to stop here, but we are going to complete a survey using fake credentials and information. Clicked on the “Get A $100 Visa Gift Card”. Im redirected to once again and attempting to answer the question of “Which beverage do you prefer?”.  Unfortunately I will not be able to complete the the survey because a purchase is required at the end of the survey, but we will go as far as we are able to.

PayPal Money Generator

Even if we were able to make a purchase the reward that is offered is a $100 Walmart gift card, which is quite different from  the $1050 I requested to be placed in my PayPal from

PayPal Money Generator

After answering a question about my age the url changes once again this time to It is important to note that this is how a typical scam website function. The url all changes but almost all of the website had the same “National Consumer Center” title and logo on the website. We answered the questions which took about 5 minutes.

PayPal Money Generator

PayPal Money Generator

Then a pop up stating its “checking my requirements” displays. I am then told to purchase something from a list of websites.  By the way once you click the link it redirects to the page where another sign up process is required.

PayPal Money Generator

PayPal Money Generator

So does really have a Free PayPal Money Generator? The Veridct: SCAM


PayPal Money Adder

This website like many of the other websites we’ve tested before has the money generator form. We tried entering “[email protected]” as the email address but there seems to be an input issue. The form does not allow the letter “a” or “c” and possibly other letters to be entered into the form. So we ended up using the fictitious name “John Doe” as an email which still ended up looking like this “[email protected]“. After choosing “PC” as my platform and $1,000 as the free amount I want added, I get the fake display once again pretending to connect with PayPal’s server. It’s important to remember that the email I entered wasn’t even a website or domain name. There are no .om extensions for websites, so it would be impossible to make a connection. The process and images is exactly the same as Please refer to that review. They all seem to be connected to


The Proof Is In The Pudding.


PayPal is a behemoth of a company and they are not in business to lose money. Not to say every business is perfect because its not but if there was PayPal hack to generate free cash on their platform you can be sure they would find out and fix it. If a generator that does such thing hasn’t been announced by you can be sure its a scam.

Reload Packs debunk most generator scams and this one is frightening because of the amount of people actively searching for it. There is no PayPal Hack ,Free PayPal Money Adder or PayPal Money Generator. These are all scams.