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New prepaid Card Rule
General Prepaid Cards

New Prepaid Debit Card Rule

New Prepaid Debit Card Rule Here’s Whats New: Unauthorized charge or error coverage Disclosure of FDIC insurance Transparency of fees (outside the package of the prepaid debit card) The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has recently added measures to help protect prepaid debit card users from fraud, unauthorized charges. I have had companies that have charged …

bitcoin Reload

Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card

Bitcoin Reload ℠ Bitcoin Reload ℠ will replace the now discontinued Reload Pack Me service that allows users to reload their bitcoin account. Bitcoin Reload℠. Reload Packs one of the only legitimate services on the internet that enable customers to reload their debit card online is launching Bitcoin Reload ℠. Bitcoin Reload ℠  – What Is A …

Western Union Reload Pack

Western Union Reload Pack

Western Union Reload Pack Reload Pack previously used Western Union as a payment, as a matter of fact we called this payment method Western Union Reload Pack. From the data, we collected over the time using our Western Union Reload Pack method we’ve concluded that many users did not favor this option and in many cases …

Greenlight Debit Card

Looking For The perfect Debit card For Your Children? “Greenlight” May Be For You

Greenlight Debit Card Greenlight, a three-year-old, Atlanta, Ga.-based startup, is trying to solve a problem that any parent of an elementary or junior high school student can well understand: how to give kids money without worrying that they’ll lose it or spend it on something they shouldn’t. It isn’t the first reloadable, prepaid card. MasterCard, Visa …