green dot buys rush card

Green Dot Has Announced Its Plans To Purchase Rush Card for $167 Million Dollars

Green Dot To Buy Out Rush Debit Card
Russell Simmons & Steve Streit enters an agreement to sell the popular Rush Card to Green Dot Corporation

Great news for you guys and girls that love Green Dot services as the CEO Steve Streit of Green Dot Corporation has announced that his company has entered an agreement to buy out Russell Simmons popular Rush Card. The Rush Card, under the parent company UniRush, LLC. is among one of the most popular debit cards that exist in today’s prepaid/debit card market. If you remember we wrote an article about debit cards back in December 2016 if you missed it you can read about it here. The said amount of the transaction is 167 million dollars.

You might remember in the year of 2015 Green Dot Corporation purchased both Achieved Card and Account Now (Account now being on of the second most popular debit card in existence). This deal may possibly leave Green Dot Corporation the most powerful company in the prepaid/debit card market competing against Netspend.

We are keeping a close eye on this deal and will update you when more information is available.