Opening An Anonymous PayPal Account

Opening An Anonymous PayPal Account

Disclaimer: The information shared in this post is for informational purposes only. We are not encouraging fraud or any other illegal activities. We are simply answering the question that’s asked and providing information and resources that are readily available on the internet.

First off, there isn’t a way to remain completely anonymous using your PayPal account. Assuming you are going to be using your PayPal account to receive and send payments, there will always be a trace left behind. In 2019 PayPal is a much smarter company than they were in 2009 when fraud was widespread in their system. As required by law for banks and most other financial institutions you are required to provide information that reveals your identity.

Were You Permanently Banned From PayPal?


Permanently Banned PayPal

Were you permanently banned from PayPal? PayPal has received a class action lawsuit in the past for not handling disputes well and placing holds on individual’s account. PayPal was forced to pay $3.2 million dollars. PayPal is currently being sued in 2018 by Alex Jones of Infowars for banning his account. I personally had my account permanently banned about 4 years ago. During that time I tried to create another account but it was useless because I had to enter my social security number to receive payments. Once I enter that number in my new account would automatically be linked to the banned account. This chain reaction would cause any new accounts I open to also be banned.

However, in 2017 I tried opening a PayPal account once again. I started paying for things with my PayPal account but I couldn’t receive payments just yet, because I had not entered my social security number. I decided to enter my social security number in and assumed they were going to ban my new account. They did not. I have been accepting payments and was even able to open a PayPal business account. So the moral of this story is, if you are trying to remain anonymous on PayPal because you were previously banned, just wait. If it has been years since you’ve tried opening a new PayPal account, I say try to open a new one now. Be completely transparent. This would be a better option than going the illegal route explained below.

So I Can’t Open An Anonymous PayPal Account?


We didn’t say that. You can, but you would definitely be committing fraud. To open an anonymous PayPal account you would have to get a fake social security number or use someone else’s SSN who do not have a PayPal account. You will also have to obtain a fake id. Both can be purchased using the Tor browser, which allows you access into the darker part of the internet commonly called the “dark net” or “deep net”. Bitcoins are the common currency in the dark net.

Once the above two information has been acquired its as simple as getting a prepaid debit card from the store. Enter a fake address (one where you can retrieve the mailed debit card) and entering fictitious name and fake SSN. Create gmail account using the fake information. You would then use all of the same fake information entered on the debit card and email into your new PayPal account. This is all the information we are willing to share, so as to not to encourage fraud.

Reminder: The above method is completely illegal and will land you in some serious trouble when caught.

OneVanilla Anonymous Card


OneVanilla Anonymous Card

If you are simply looking for a secure and anonymous way to pay for things online, I would suggest trying the OneVanilla prepaid debit card. You can pick these cards up at many locations including CVS, 7-Eleven, Walgreens and Walmart.


You can load any amount onto it up to $500. There is really no personal information required. Once funds have been loaded onto the card its ready for use. Because some retailers require that a zip code be present on any credit/debit card OneVanilla provides this service as well. It’s one of the only totally anonymous prepaid cards out there. However, it cannot be reloaded. You will have to get a new card once the funds run out.

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