i need money now

“I need money now, please help!”

If you need money now, we’ll show you ways to make money instantly. Sometimes you come up short and cannot pay for the things you really want or you need to make ends meet. No scams and all of it is completely legal. It’s amazing how many people do not take advantage of these resources especially in NYC, where we are located.

All of the options listed below we have personally done ourselves to make some extra cash fast. Unfortunately we have also fallen victims to the numerous scams out there as well. This is what makes us qualified to guide you to the right resources. No long drawn out boring stories, let’s jump right into.

Make Money With Upwork

1. Sign up for Upwork – This is a freelance market that allows you to earn money from the comfort of your home. Upwork is one of my favorite suggestions simply because I have used and been paid by the company for a time span of 10 years (back when their name was Odesk and users could check out the “Oconomy”). New name sure, but they help put money in the pocket of freelancers. They do not pay right away however, you may have to wait a couple days.

Make Money With Craigslist

2. Craigslist – is by far the easiest and fastest way to make money the same day. Many of the options are restricted to online websites and the payout is within 2-5 days. Craigslist payout especially in the “Gigs” section is instantly or the same day. As an example when we started a website in New York we paid New Yorkers $15 the same day they completed the gig. Some were even paid $45 – $75 the same day (all via PayPal). Other gigs require your physical presence which is fine. After all if you want to make money now, you can’t be too picky about it all being on the internet from home.

Door To Door Sales

3. Door-to-door – Have you ever heard the Billionaire Mark Cuban speak about when he was growing up how he went door-to-door selling stamps? It’s the good ole fashion way to make money instantly. Offer door-to-door services like cleaning garage, picking up trash, shoveling snow, anything that requires manual labor, someone is willing to pay you for it.

Make Money With Pawn Shops

4. Pawn Shop – This is another method to get paid instantly. If you have items in good working condition that you no longer want or need, see what you can get at the pawn shop for them. Electronics, gold jewelry and rare/vintage items and other equipment makes the most money.

Make Money With eBay

5. eBay – if you do not want to carry around your items to different pawn shops you can always sell the items on eBay instead. You will not get paid right away and it does require that you have a seller account and actually ship the items yourself but you will reach a much larger base of buyers.