moneypak in minutes

What Is MoneyPak In Minutes?

“MoneyPak In Minutes” was a service that created. Initially when we started offering MoneyPaks for sale online customers would not receive their funds right away. The average time it would take a customer to receive their MoneyPaks was around 4-5 hours after payment was received and verified. Soon we started to recognized that some customers wanted to receive their funds instantly, within minutes. This is when we decided to offer our “MoneyPak In Minutes” service.

How Did MoneyPak In Minutes Work?

MoneyPak In Minutes is simple. Reload Packs offered pre-loaded amounts for immediate use. This amount would usually be between $20 – $50. Customers would go to a separate page on our website and purchase MoneyPak In Minutes and would receive the validation codes via email or using our validation code encryption service.This would all take place within a few minutes without an increase of service fee.

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