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Moneypak Card

MoneyPak: The Definitive Guide

MoneyPak Overview

Here’s What We’ve Covered:

  1. What Is A MoneyPak
  2. Can I Purchase A MoneyPak Online?
  3. MoneyPak Scams
  4. Why Green Dot Does Not Offer MoneyPak Online
  5. How To Get A Refund From MoneyPak?
  6. What Prepaid Cards Work With MoneyPak?
  7. How To Add MoneyPak To My Prepaid Card?
  8. Do MoneyPak Cards Expire?
  9. Can I Cancel My MoneyPak Card?
  10. Can I Reuse A MoneyPak Card?
  11. What Stores Sell MoneyPak Cards?
  12. MoneyPak Customer Service Number
  13. How To Check MoneyPak balance?
  14. How Inmates Using Green Dot MoneyPak
  15. What Is Reload At Register?



MoneyPak cards are the first and largest of the reload packs to hit the market. They have been wildly popular among prepaid debit card users. However, no good deed goes unpunished. MoneyPak cards have also become a favorite for scammers. Thousands of dollars have been stolen from unsuspecting people with the use of MoneyPak cards. This is the ultimate guide and everything you need to know about Green Dot’s MoneyPak. We suggest reading and understanding everything before you choose to purchase MoneyPak. If you have any question s regarding MoneyPak that we can answer, we’ll gladly do so. Please email us at [email protected].

What Is A MoneyPak?

what is a moneypak

A MoneyPak is a card that allows users to add money to supported prepaid debit cards. Its a financial product created by Green Dot Inc., a leader in the prepaid debit card industry. MoneyPak reload cards can be purchased at participating retail stores such as CVS, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, Rite Aid, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, and other locations. A prepaid cardholder visit one of these retail locations, buy the MoneyPak card and load cash onto the card, then transfer it onto their prepaid card via MoneyPak.com. MoneyPak basically made retail stores become a bank for prepaid debit card users.

Can I Purchase A MoneyPak Card Online?

Can I Buy MoneyPak Online


Yes and No. Green Dot has not authorize the selling of their MoneyPak cards online and on their official website they claim you cannot. So In that sense, no you cannot buy MoneyPak cards online. However, that’s a corporate answer. We say yes because as with many reload pack cards there’s nothing really preventing anyone from selling MoneyPak cards online. From a legal viewpoint, once someone purchases a product that product becomes rightfully their own and the buyer can do whatever they want with it, even resell it online. An entity may definitely face difficulty with using the company’s trademark and logos however the company cannot prevent someone from reselling something rightfully purchased. This article from Entrepreneur.com explains the “first sale” doctrine.

At ReloadPacks.com we have sold and given away free MoneyPak cards online for years. We have recently as of 2019, discontinued our services of selling reload packs online to discourage fraudsters and fight scammers. So the real unbiased answer to the question of “Can I purchase a MoneyPak card online?” Yes, you absolutely can. Consumers should look for a legitimate brand or person with a great track record of providing this service. 

Can I Buy MoneyPak Online With My Credit Card?

Buy MoneyPak Online With Credit Card

Early in 2013 to around 2015, you could easily buy MoneyPak online. However, as stated, Green Dot has never authorized the sale of MoneyPak online and the company has never offered this service themselves. MoneyPak cards were sold by rogue individuals using third-party platforms such as eBay and Amazon. We have even seen them being promoted and sold on Etsy.

The price for this service depended solely on the individual selling the MoneyPak cards. This price was usually wildly inflated. We’ve seen a $100 value MoneyPak being sold for $169. This is an example of how ridiculous the inflation was. The buyer also had to have a verified PayPal account and the physical MoneyPak card would be shipped to the customer.

ReloadPacks.com Decided To Improve How People Were Buying MoneyPak Online

Reload Packs had a different idea on how to solve the issue. Considering there was and still is a high demand from buyers to buy a MoneyPak online with a credit card we came up with a solution. We started allowing buyers to purchase MoneyPak online and instead of mailing the physical cards like some of our predecessors, we simply provided the validation codes through email. Reload Packs also allowed many payment options including PayPal, Bitcoin, credit cards, Google Wallet and Venmo. Not only did we allow the purchase of MoneyPak online but also Vanilla Reload Pack, NetSpend Reload Pack, PayPal My Cash and Reloadit Packs. Our staff coined the phrase “MoneyPak In Minutes” where customers could buy MoneyPak online and receive the validation codes within minutes of the purchase. As an added bonus we even provided customers with the ability to have their 14 digit codes encrypted and decrypted.

Green Dot Inc. Was Not Impressed

We Allow Customers To Buy MoneyPak Codes Online

Green Dot wasn’t impressed. They did not authorize the selling of their MoneyPak online. In fact, over the course of 4+ years, we have been going back and forth in dispute with Green Dot Inc. over the selling of their MoneyPak online. We have also had legal issues with InComm & Black Hawk which are the parent companies of the Reloadit card and Vanilla Reload. However, years later we were still able to provide this service.

We felt we were providing consumers with real value. It was not an easy path to continue our service but we still provided it. As of 2019 we no longer sell MoneyPak online or any other reload packs. During the 4 years selling reload packs online, we had very little to no complaints made against us from customers. Our decision to suspend this service has been made primarily due to the number of scammers that were circling our website to commit illegal activities against us and others. On that note lets briefly touch on why some buyers want to buy MoneyPak online their with credit cards.

MoneyPak Scams

fbi moneypak virus scam
The “FBI MoneyPak Virus Scam” has been one of the most viral reload scams.

“Some people are looking to buy MoneyPak online with their credit card to commit white collar and more serious fraud”

There are honest people that want to buy MoneyPak online because it is convenient. We recommend reading the “About Us” section of the website to see how we first got started with Reload Packs. Ethical local and family-owned businesses have used our online services. Trust has always been a major part of our brand. During a brief time when we were only accepting Western Union wire transfers as payment, customers trusted we would do the right thing. We’ve had several customers wire us $750, $600, $400 and other large amounts. Not a single penny was missing from any of those transfers other than the agreed-upon fee.

Unfortunately, not everyone is ethical. Around 2014 there was an uptick in MoneyPak scams. Vulnerable people were being threatened by scammers. The scammer would tell the individual that they owe money or they have committed a crime and must pay a certain amount in the form of a MoneyPak. If they didn’t pay, the individual would face dire consequences. We have also been scammed out of $1,000 due to white collar fraud chargebacks. Scammers were even bold enough to use the FBI in its scam.

FBI MoneyPak Virus Scam

The FBI MoneyPak virus scam was one of the most viral scams that hit many. The unsuspecting victim would visit a sketchy website or download an image, mp3, pdf file etc and unknowingly downloaded a malware virus. The virus would freeze the basic functions of the laptop claiming the “FBI” has blocked it for security reasons. The scammer would then request $200 or other large amounts to be sent via MoneyPak.

Do MoneyPak Scams Still Exist in 2019?

Absolutely! It is part of the reason we decided to discontinue our online reload services and focus a little more on protecting people who are vulnerable to these types of scams. We keep an updated list of “Reload Scams” to help users identify methods scammers use. Elders are becoming a primary target by these bad people because in many cases they have not heard of this scam.

There are tons of articles and news story covering reload, gift card, prepaid card and wire scams on the internet. Elderly people are not heavy on the internet so they are not as aware unless its broadcast on television. We encourage you to teach elder family members about this scam so they are aware of this ongoing issue. The reason it’s hard to stop MoneyPak scams is that MoneyPak cards are as good as cash. Criminal leaves little trace after committing the fraud.

Green Dot had discontinued MoneyPak in 2015 because of the widespread scam. It affected Green Dot business because MoneyPak were bringing in large amounts of business. In 2017 Green Dot has brought the MoneyPak card back. However, no longer were buyers anonymous. You had to create an account to be able to use MoneyPak, provide government issue id and in some cases your mobile phone location. It’s a step forward to fighting of MoneyPak scams.

Can I still Buy MoneyPak Online In 2019

It’s possible to still buy MoneyPak online however the challenge would be finding that trusted person or company that allows this with a smooth transaction. ReloadPacks.com use to handle this service with very little friction but as stated we have suspended our service of allowing the purchase of MoneyPak cards online to discourage scammers. Paxful may be an outlet that interested individuals may want to try. Forewarning Paxful does not facilitate many transactions on their platform.

Why Green Dot Does Not Offer MoneyPak Online

moneypak online
Why doesn’t GreenDot offer MoneyPak online?


MoneyPak Online? It Seems Like A Great Idea Right?

You actually can buy a MoneyPak online with Reload Packs. Members can buy a MoneyPak card online and receive the validation code within a few hours of payment. We admit that our membership has tighten and requires a more in-depth process but there is a reason for that, and this is likely the reason Green Dot doesn’t offer the service online. That reason is fraud. Financial services online especially money services is consider a high risk business, and a risky business it is.

Here’s An Example…

Lets say someone buy a $100 MoneyPak online. They pay the $5 fee so the total is 105$ and everything is fine. They get the validation code and load their debit card with the money. This would be the ethical way to do it. However, not everyone is ethical. Lets say this person then calls their bank and say they did not authorize that transaction and request a

. What happens then is the bank will likely refund that customer back that $105. Green Dot would be out of $100 and the unethical customer would have just gain $100 for free at the expense of Green Dot.

We Were Scammed Out of $1,000 Trying To Help Users

moneypak online
We got scammed out of $1,000 trying to help users find a more convenient way to load their debit cards.

The above situation is called white collar fraud and it’s exactly what happened to Reload Packs in the beginning, and probably why Green Dot made the decision not to sell online. It may seem too much of a headache. We were scammed out of a little over $1,000 in chargeback fraud committed by a couple of scammers, who once they received their MoneyPak online decided to call their bank and state the transaction was not authorized. We receive very little to no complaints about our service. However, we do receive complaints about not being able to sign up. This is why today our membership process is a bit rigorous because we have to vet potential members. Our current 5,000 members are all ethical customers who have enjoyed our exclusive service for nearly 5 years we’ve been in business.

How To Get A Refund From MoneyPak?

How To Get A Refund From MoneyPak

Maybe you loaded the wrong amount on a MoneyPak, or possibly you loaded the right amount onto the MoneyPak but realize you no longer needed it. That’s okay because we are going to show you how to get a refund from your MoneyPak purchase.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Visit MoneyPak
  2. Scratch off the back of your MoneyPak card to reveal the validation code.
  3. Fill out the form provided by MoneyPak
  4. Wait 1-2 weeks
  5. That’s It you’re done!

How Long Does MoneyPak Refund Take?

As stated on MoneyPak’s refund page refunds typically arrive between 1-2 weeks after the buyer submits their refund request. A Check will be mailed to the address provided.

What Prepaid Cards Work With MoneyPak?

Many prepaid debit cards support the use of MoneyPak cards. However, some of the most popular brands do not. NetSpend, Amex Serve, PayPal Prepaid and Walmart’s MoneyCard are an example of popular prepaid debit cards that do not support the use of MoneyPak cards. Some websites claim that Amex Serve card supports MoneyPak but Serve’s website does not make that claim. On Top of that we actually have an Amex Serve card and tried to add funds onto the card using a MoneyPak and it has not worked. Below we have provided a list of prepaid debit cards that are known to work with MoneyPak.

Prepaid Debit Cards That Supports MoneyPak

  1. Green Dot
  2. Account Now
  3. Movo Card
  4. Rush Card (Owned by Green Dot)
  5. H&R Block Prepaid Card

There are other cards that accept the use of MoneyPak. As we learn more about the other prepaid cards we will update the above list.

How To Add MoneyPak To My Prepaid Card

Never used a MoneyPak card before? Don’t worry it’s simple to use. Below we have provided step-by-step easy to understand instructions on how to add money onto your prepaid card using a MoneyPak.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Create an account: Gone are the days where you can use a MoneyPak card without having an account. You must create a MoneyPak account to use a MoneyPak card, but first users must check if their prepaid debit card even supports the use of MoneyPak. Enter the prepaid card number that will be loaded and proceed to create an account.MoneyPak supported Debit Cards
  2. Visit a partnered retail store: Many partnered stores sell MoneyPak cards including CVS, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and more. To find the location nearest you visit the official locator by Green Dot or use Reload Packs unique locator tool.
  3. Purchase a MoneyPak: Purchase the MoneyPak card. They can typically be found in the “Prepaid” section of the store. Load the MoneyPak card at the cash register between the amount of $20 – $500. There will be a fee of $3.95
  4. Click “Deposit Money”: Once the MoneyPak card has been purchased and MoneyPak account has been created, users will once again visit MoneyPak.com and click the “Deposit Money” button.Deposit MoneyPak
  5. Scratch off: Scratch off the strip located on the back of the MoneyPak card revealing the validation code. Users will need to type in this code onto the form of the website.Provide MoneyPak Number
  6. Follow The Instructions: Follow the instructions provided by MoneyPak.


Do MoneyPak Cards Ever Expire?

No. MoneyPak cards are as good as cash and should be treated like cash. MoneyPak cards do not have an expiration date. However, we recommend using your MoneyPak card as soon as possible because unlike cash users can only load it on specific prepaid debit cards. If users decide they do not want the MoneyPak card, after all, they can request a refund which will take approximately 1-2 weeks.

Can I Cancel My MoneyPak Card?

Yes, you can cancel your MoneyPak card. Users that wish to cancel their MoneyPak card will be required to fill out a form on MoneyPak official refund page and request a refund. MoneyPak will review the form and contact the MoneyPak owner. The refund process takes approximately 1-2 weeks. We recommend each user go over their prepaid debit card needs before purchasing a MoneyPak. Requesting a refund constantly may present problems in the future.

Can I Reuse A MoneyPak Card?

No. Users cannot reuse the same MoneyPak card. MoneyPak cards are meant to be used only once and then discarded. However, users can purchase as many MoneyPak cards as needed. Users can not use the same validation code more than once. This is likely to prevent further fraud/scam than there already are.

What Stores Sell MoneyPak Cards?

what stores sell moneypak

There are many partnered retail stores that sell MoneyPak cards. Some of these retail stores will require that the buyer show government ID before buying them. This requirement as we mentioned earlier is to fight off fraud and scammers. Below is a list of popular retail stores that sell MoneyPak cards.

Stores That Sell MoneyPak Cards:

  1. CVS
  2. Walgreens
  3. Rite Aid
  4. Family Dollar
  5. Dollar General
  6. Dollar Tree
  7. Walmart

Many other stores sell MoneyPak cards can be found using Green Dot’s “Reload At Register” network. You can also find over 36,000 other locations listed at Reload.Center.

MoneyPak Customer Service Number?

Did something go wrong? Have you been scammed? Contact MoneyPak customer service with the numbers provided below.



How To Check MoneyPak Balance?

You can only check your MoneyPak balance through MoneyPak’s official website www.moneypak.com. Any other website that claims they can check your MoneyPak balance is looking to steal your money. These sites are usually phishing websites that have a fake form built on their site. When a user types in their MoneyPak validation code that number is sent to another file which can be retrieved by the website owner later and used to load the cash onto their prepaid debit card. If you suspect a phishing website please notify us at [email protected] so we can add the website to our Reload Scams section.

How Inmates Use Green Dot MoneyPak

Green Dot MoneyPak Inmates

Green Dot’s MoneyPak is meant to be used for  unbanked American citizens. Although they frown upon scammers and other undesirable usage of their products Green Dot does not exclude anyone from using their services and because of this Green Dot cards (known as “Dots” in prison) and MoneyPak are very popular in prison.

How It Works In Prison

An inmate would get a friend or family member to purchase a Green Dot card. The friend or family member will use their own personal information to create the Green Dot account or the inmates information while using another deliverable address. Once the account has been set up, the friend/family has to wait until they receive the personalized Green Dot prepaid card in the mail.

This card will provide the vital information such as the debit card number, the expiration date, and the CVV number. This information is passed on to the inmate in prison. Family or friends can now funnel inmates money fast and within minutes using Green Dot’s MoneyPak card. The inmate now has cash to purchase things online or they will either trade the 14 digit MoneyPak validation code for other items being traded behind bars. Considering many inmates have Green Dot accounts using the above method, the MoneyPak validation codes become as good as cash when trading.

Its challenging for Correctional Officers to detect because there is no physical prepaid debit card or MoneyPak entering the prison facilities, only the card information is being passed on to the inmate. Green Dot and MoneyPak cards and other items are considered contraband in most prisons. Below are a few suggested readings if you are interested in learning more on how Green Dot & MoneyPak cards are being used by inmates.

Suggested Readings: Green Dot MoneyPak Being Used By Inmates

  1. A Message To Friends and Family of Incarcerated Inmates
  2. Green Dot Cards Are Primary Source of Payment Among Inmates
  3. Prepaid Cards, Phone Cards And Codes Are Inmates Currency
  4. Three Plead Guilty In Green Dot Scam Run By Alabama DOC Inmates

You can also find interesting discussions around this topic at Prison Talk.

What Is Reload At Register?

Reload at Register is Green Dot’s first attempt to prevent the MoneyPak scams. People were being scammed out of thousands of dollars so Green Dot discontinued their MoneyPak in 2015 then brought it back about a year later after seeing a drop in the company’s profit. Reload at register allow prepaid debit card holders to take their physical debit card to the cash register and load the cash directly onto the card without a reload pack.

This method has been adopted by many other companies including PayPal who discontinued their PayPal My Cash and MyVanilla who discontinued their Vanilla Reload pack. The fee is $4.95 to use this service. Reload At Register makes it difficult for vulnerable people to be scammed and the reload locations are at most of the major retail stores (CVS, Walgreens, etc). To find a retail location near you click here.