PayPal My Cash Refund

PayPal My Cash Refund

Every now and then when you go to the store you may receive a defective reload pack. The problem with this is that when you leave the store with the defective product it’s hard to convince the store owner that the card didn’t work. There has been so many scams involving reload packs that there’s always a slight suspicion. However, the fact is that cashiers do make mistake. Sometimes they think that the code went through when sliding the reload pack into the machine but sometimes they are so busy they miss it. The transaction may have been completed correctly but the PayPal My Cash code just can’t be redeemed. However you flip the situation you still have the conundrum of figuring out how to get your PayPal My Cash refund.

How To Get My PayPal My Cash Refund

To get your PayPal My Cash refund you should do the following things:

  1. You want to to wait it our a for a bit. Often time when you try to load your PayPal account as soon as your purchase the card you may get a common error. The reason the your card may not have worked also may be on PayPal end where there was a minor technical difficulty. Wait for a while and then try to load your PayPal account once again. Look for any error codes as this will be very useful information when contacting PayPal support.
  2. You should contact the store and explain the situation that your code has not been redeemed. Be sure that he explains the proof how he know for sure the transaction has successfully went through. This information can be useful later when contacting PayPal. For this step you will obviously need the PayPal My Cash card you’ve purchased along with the receipt.
  3. If the first 2 steps did not redeem any successful end result your last step is to actually contact PayPal.  You can do it by email which is a very tedious task because there is no direct email to contact them by but rather a form. I would suggest calling PayPal Customer service number. Collect all the information and have them ready when you make the call such as city/state, the store you purchase the PayPal My Cash card from, code on the card if applicable, information on the receipt and the error code that showed on your PayPal account.

If the store owner has indeed successfully  completed the transaction then the card should work. Money doesn’t go into one place and disappear, so somewhere there is a mistake.  Depending on how much you loaded onto the card you can always attempt to take legal action. The problem with this option is that a lawyer may end up costing you more than the amount you initially paid on your card. I hope we’ve successfully helped you find a resolution to getting your PayPal My Cash refund. For more useful information please click here.