What Is A Walmart Money Card

What Is A Walmart Money Card?


Walmart Money Card is a Walmart brand reloadable prepaid debit card. The Walmart Money card allows consumers to receive their direct deposit 2 days faster, allow consumers to cash their paycheck onto the card at any Walmart retail store. Walmart Money card also provide their consumers with a meaningful way to reload their card via Walmart Rapid Reload service.

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How To Reload Your Walmart Money Card Online


Reload Your Walmart Money Card Online

Walmart Money Card is a pretty large prepaid debit card provider and benefits users in a major way. It is one of the only prepaid debit cards that is backed by a monster retail company (Walmart). If you have a Walmart Money card you can reload your prepaid debit card completely online. Reload Packs is a unique service provider that allow recipients of selected prepaid debit cards to add cash or “reload” funds onto their card. We have a unique system that allows us to reload recipient cards online. Minimal information about the debit card and proof of identity is required in order to sufficiently to service members of our site.

Walmart Money Card -To -Card Transfer

Walmart Money Card -To -Card Transfers

You can always of course avoid reload fees from Walmart Rapid Reload and our service fee. This can be achieved by having a friend or family who also also have a Walmart Money Card to transfer money from their card to yours. This is called “Card-To-Card Transfer” and it is a feature that most prepaid debit cards have in place.

Here’s How It Works

  1. Family or Friends must provide Walmart Money Card with your email or phone number and the amount to be sent
  2. Walmart Money card will deduct that amount from their card and attempt to transfer it to you
  3. You will have 10 days to pick up the money

The interesting thing about Walmart Money Card that is not typical with other prepaid debit card is you have a few options on how you receive the cash sent to you.

You can receive the money:

  1. On Your Walmart Money Card
  2. On Any Prepaid Card Issued By Green Dot Bank
  3. In Your PayPal Account

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We find the PayPal option to be particularly an interesting choice because funds in your PayPal account can be withdrawn into any number of cards linked to your account. This means a holder of a Walmart Money card can load a friends Netspend Card as long as their Netspend card is linked in their PayPal account. Pretty cool.