Are We A Scam?

Be Careful of Scams

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If you didn’t know reload pack scams (Moneypak, Netspend Reload Pack, Paypal Reload Pack, Reloadit, Vanilla Reload Pack, Green Dot Cash Reload etc.) are very common. There are several versions of this scam that scammers use. Below we list videos exposing these common scams to help protect users of these payment instruments. GreenDot has taken measures to make Moneypak safer but you can still be scammed. As a rule of thumb NEVER GIVE ANYONE YOUR VALIDATION CODES! or send WESTERN UNION PAYMENTS UNLESS YOU TRUST THEM. So what about us? Are We a scam? How do you know? Here are a few reasons to trust us

  1. We are registered with the state government of New York
  2. Our Certified D.B.A is posted on our site.
  3.  We have all of our information openly displayed to our users
  4.  We have past transaction history with very little to no complaints

Here are transaction screenshots of our previous customers: (2 separate emails were used in our old system)



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