Vanilla Reload Card Money Flip Scam

Vanilla Reload Card Money Flip Scam

Vanilla Reload card money flip scam are just as common as the Moneypak scams. If you did not know, reload scams are one of the most common scams out there today. It’s a scam that is easy to execute almost by anyone that can pursade you to buy something or trust them. Because these scams can be so lucrative to the criminals and so harmful to the victim, we are going to share with you common tips to protect yourself.

Vanilla Reload Card Money Flip Scam – How Does the Scam Work?

The money flip scam works like this, someone will make you an offer to make a certain amount of money. In order to make that amount you will have to pay them for their services. The payment method of the scammer is commonly untraceable using wire transfer, cash or bitcoins. The victim (you) will have to pay the scammer using one of those methods mentioned. Once they receive the payment from you, you are given false information about when your investment will arrive. You will continue to wait and never hear from them again.

Vanilla Reload Card Money Flip Scam – What To Look For?

First, you should know that there is no way to make large amounts of money without any effort. It just does not exist. There are a few things you should look for when helping someone spot a scammer.

  1. Money flip scammers have this terrible marketing approach to flash money in photos and videos. This is to falsely misrepresent themselves as being successful to the victim. A lot of money being shown is a huge indicator that you are dealing with a scammer.Vanilla Reload Card Money Flip Scam
  2. Most if not all money flip scammers advertise their “services” on social media platforms such as Facebook, Facebook groups & pages, Twitter and Instagram.
  3. Many money flip scammers will not leave a contact phone number. However, a lot of them are starting to leave a phone number. Give that number a call just to see what happens. If someone picks up the phone pretend you are an interested customer. Record the conversation and write down notes to save for later. You want to ask as many questions as possible and later ask the same questions again. It is easy for the sacmmer to think and write try to cover their grounds on the internet. It is much more difficult to answer an array of unexpected questions. Some of your questions may be, “What company do you work for?”, “Can I also have their phone number?”, “Can you walk me through this, step by step?”. Scammers do not like questions and are commonly very succinct with their response.
  4. Money flip scammers often use a lot of emoticons and exclamation points in their advertising approach to get your attention. You will often come across promotions like this: Vanilla reload money flip scam