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Before we tell you how to buy a Netspend reload pack, Reloadit, PayPal Cash  or MoneyPak online, we wanted to share an interesting statistic about debit card usage in 2018. Debit cards are a great thing to have and are becoming more popular for millennials. In fact, according to a Fortune article conducted a survey which revealed that most millennials pay in cash, debit/prepaid card and mobile payments over credit and bank cards. A whopping 63% of millennials (ages 18 – 29) say no to credit cards.

Millenials Say No To Credit cards

We believe one of the main reasons is accessibility. In order to deposit cash into your bank card or credit card you will have to go to a branch of your bank. To deposit money onto a debit/prepaid card you can visit one of several convenience stores such as 7 – Eleven, CVS, Rite Aid (see more). This gives debit card users a huge advantage and this is just one benefit. The second big advantage is you are only spending money that you actually have whereas credit cards act as a small loan. To ready more about benefits of debit cards please refer to our article “Netspend Reload Pack – 5 Things You Need To Know“. Basically a debit cards has many functionality of credit cards which allows users to make purchases online and draw money from ATM’s. Shouldn’t there be a way to reload your cash faster?

What’s The Real Story?

Based on experience and what we’ve heard from other companies, providing financial services online is not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of people out there looking to scam any and everyone they can. The way it works  is that a company provides the customer with a way to add cash to their card. Once that cash has been successful loaded onto their card, they call their credit card or bank and state their was an unauthorized transaction. The bank returns the customer the money and the company eats the cost. When started out we got scammed out of $1,000. Read Full Story

Here’s The Deal…

Reload Pack Online

Even though millennials and non-millennials alike love using prepaid debit cards to make transactions, how we load money onto our cards has remain the same for centuries. Wouldn’t it be cool to just sit on the couch from the comfort of your home and buy a Netspend reload pack online or buy a MoneyPak online? Shouldn’t there be a technology that allows this? With Reload Packs℠ this is the problem that we solve. We enable you to buy a MoneyPak, Netspend reload pack, a Reloadit pack , PayPal reload pack  online using our service. Its inconvenient to reload your prepaid debit card by having to visit a store when you are at home or work. 

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Can You Buy A Reload Pack Online With Credit Card?

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Reload Packs is the first website that allows you to reload your debit card online buy purchasing reload packs via the web. Everything is completely digital so you will never have to leave your home. Reload packs save you the headache of locating specific convenience stores nearby to reload your debit card. Established in 2014 we now have over 5,000 members and many happy customers with very few complaints.

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Reload Center

We moved our store locator to www.Reload.Center (or you can just type “” in the browser). If you are having any complications with using our site Reload Center offers the alternative reload pack locator. This store locator is one of a kind. It allows you to enter your address and locate the stores nearest to you where you can purchase reload packs such as Netspend Reload Pack, PayPal My Cash, Reloadit, MoneyPak etc. This tool also serves you in more ways than one because these stores also sell your popular debit cards such as AccountNow, Rush Card, Amex Serve, Netspend, PayPower, PayPal Debit Card and more. We’ve also included Netspend Reload Centers in the locator as well as Reloadit locations.

You can choose not to use Reload Center for debit card purposes and instead use it for your basic store needs. For example if you need to locate a 7-Eleven store Reload Center helps you locate the nearest one but also displays the other common stores such as CVS, Rite Aid, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Safeway and more!

*Reload.Center is still in the development phase. The locations and stores data will grow with time. Thank you for your patience

Thanks for visiting our site. If you have any questions regarding buy a Netspend reload pack online please view our FAQs page. If you have any questions or need to dispute a transaction about a Netspend reload pack purchased online please email us at [email protected] To find Netspend reload pack locations near you just visit “Reload.Center